We have been in the golf business for over twenty five years, in just about all phases.  We started out repairing and refinishing golf clubs, we then began to build custom persimmon woods and building custom clubs for other club companies and the retail market.  We then became a Golf Component Distributor and now we are continuing our efforts building some of the finest Custom Fit Clubs available.

 We carry golf equipment that you will not find in any pro shop or Big Box store.  We specialize in Infiniti,  Acer and other fine Custom heads.  We have many, many different shafts in stock, including Aertotech, Aldila, KBS, True Temper, UST’s VTS Tour Shaft and others.  We can fit every golfer and every price point.


 If not, your are not alone.  PGA Pros who make their living  playing golf say that ill-fitting equipment is one of the biggest problems with amateurs, including those who play in Pro-Ams.  “They all try to hit the ball like Tiger”.

 Pros benefit from having club testing and fitting facilities with the latest measuring equipment, plus tour vans that are equipped many combinations of shafts and components to build and adjust their clubs.

 At our facility, we have the knowledge, the equipment and the head, shaft, grip combinations to improve your game.  You can expect personal service from us.


 Are you disappointed in the clubs that were advertised that you will hit them longer and straighter than any club on the market?  Well it happens and the main reason is that most all OEM clubs are made to only two specifications, length and flex.  There are a number of different spefications that must be met if a club fits an individual and allows you to play your best.

     1-    Lie, Short players usually need a flat lie, while tall players need an upright lie

2-    Loft, along with the shaft are important to reach the proper trajectory. Setting the proper loft takes distance gaps out of shot lengths.

3-    Swing Weight, a Swing Weight that is too lite tends to give less feel and makes the shaft stiffer.  Too heavy makes shaft softer.

4-    Grip, Type and Size are extremely important it is your only link to the club.  Too small makes you too wristy, too large takes wrist action out of the swing.

5-    Shaft Type, Too light, too Heavy, wrong torque 

6-    Shaft Bend Profile is where the shaft loads.  Low bend hits higher shots and high bend hits lower trajectory.

7-    Shaft Flex, Too weak, hits high trajectory, sprays the ball.  Too stiff, hits the ball lower, seldom feels that the ball is struck solidly.

8-    Length of clubs are determined by the golfers height and sleeve length.  Tall players usually need a longer shaft.  Short players a shorter shaft.

9-    Face Angle on irons are set square but offset on Iron necks will allow higher handicap players more time to get through the hitting area.  Low handicap players usually prefer less off set.

10-Overall Weight – Steel shafted clubs will weigh more than graphite buy Swing Weight is the main factor.

    11-Set Make UP-It is important to buy clubs that are easy to hit, care should be given to the fact that    there are no            gaps in hitting  distance.                                              

Buying clubs off the rack is like shopping a shoe store, they have all of the different styles and colors but they only have 71/2 D’s in stock.


 We pride ourselves on working on clubs that you cannot hit consistently and tweaking them to fit a your game.  What does it take to Tweak a Golf Club or a set of golf Clubs.  This is a good question and there is no specific answers. In many cases a slight adjustment may be all that is needed.

A customer called me recently and stated that he had just purchased a new set of OEM irons and wanted to know how much it would cost him to have customized to fit him. He was told that we cannot offer him a price until we find out what components are in the set that he purchased.  Does he have the correct length, correct shaft and flex for him, correct size grip, the correct loft and lie?  The list goes on and on. The gentleman was told that before he made this large investment in a set of clubs that were advertised to really improve his golfing skills, he should have gone to a Professional club fitter and find out what his requirements are. In many cases it could mean a few slight adjustments and no complete re-make is needed.


What does it mean to "HotMelt®" a Golf Club?

HotMelt® is a heavy glue that is put into Wood or Hybrid heads to add swing weight, adjust flight bias, dampen impact sound, and/or arrest rattles. Most PGA pros play shorter than retail woods and use hotmelt® to return the clubs to a decent swing weight. For every 1/2" a club is shortened, it loses three swing weight points. Applying 6 grams of hotmelt® inside the head can restore the original swing weight while allowing the player to play a shorter, more controllable club. For example: a driver that swing weights at D2 at 45" will swing weight at D0 if cut down to 44 1/2". This also makes to shaft Stiffer.  Applying 6gm of hotmelt® can allow the golfer to play the driver at the new length of 44 1/2" with the original swing weight or feel of balance. In most cases, shorter clubs, especially the driver, produce tighter dispersion patterns and greater accuracy. If the balance is restored properly this also generally comes with no loss of distance.  HotMelt® is a fine tuning tool for spin reduction as there are other more influential factors such as loft, shaft profile, angle of attack and swing speed. 

HotMelt® Prices Vary by Club head. Call for prices!

CALL Charlie at 901-340-1305 and talk to him about your equipment and your swing and see what he can do to improve your ball striking and make your golf more enjoyable.  We are the only SST Pure® Licensee in the entire Mid-South.     

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Golf is not an easy game, it is challenging and every time you go to the range or play a round it is totally different from the last time.  Even if you are new to the game or a high handicapper, you deserve a set of clubs that fits your game, just like the Pro's who play this great game for a living.  You must have clubs that fit your swing and build if you are to improve.  Call 901-340-1305 today and set up an appointment with Charlie to have your clubs and swing analyzed.  You won't be sorry.


Are you a do-it-yourself golfer?  Many people enjoy working on their own golf clubs and some that I have met do an excellent job.  Some do it to save money and some work on their own clubs because they enjoy it.  As a matter of fact, that is how I got started, some thirty something years ago.  We will be happy to work with you on whatever you are trying to accomplish.  We will sell you some of the products and answer any questions that you may have.  There are no dumb questions only dumb mistakes.  Even if you just have a question about your equipment, call me 901-340-1305


You can save a lot of money by removing and re-installing your shafts after we have SST PURED
them Retro Pureing is when we remove the shaft, the grip, clean the shaft and SST PURE.  The cost is $50.00 per club.  If you remove and re-install the shaft, your cost is only $25.00 per club, plus the grip and ferrule.

Don't know how?  We will discuss this with you and will walk you through the process is this is something you can do and give you the information.

Call me and discuss it.  901-340-1305